Stock Code
Stock Code : 02327
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Zhou Xuzhou

Business Nature  

Board Members  
Chairman                                  Zhou Xuzhou
Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer   Zhou Wen Chuan
Executive Director                        Zeng Wentao
Non-executive Director                    Mao Zhen Hua
Independent Non-executive Directors       Gao Guanjiang, Chau Chi Wai Wilton, Wu Peng

Main Business  

The Group is principally engaged in anti-aging health management services and sales of medicines; real estate agency and construction materials trading service; trading of health care products and construction materials.

Internet Address

Major Shareholders  
Shareholders Current Holding % Held Date Previous Holding % Held Date
DIRECTOR ZHOU XUZHOU 2,249,134,761 52.650 2021/05/20 2,245,270,761 52.560 2021/03/23

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